Here’s the winning recipe for the Sleepless in Laguna contest:

Sensational Strawberry Cake

*2 lbs Fresh strawberries 
2 small packages French Vanilla pudding
1 8 oz tub whipped topping 
1 box French Vanilla cake mix

Bake cake mix as directed for 2 8 inch round cakes. Set aside to cool.

Mix 1 package pudding as directed. Put in fridge to set.

Slice 1 lb of the strawberries. Set aside to use later.

Other 1 lb strawberry cut into small chunks.

After cake has cooled, flip one of the cake rounds so bottom is now the top. Taking the first pudding you mixed, spread a thin layer over the cake. You will have pudding left over to enjoy as a refreshing snack for a later time. Add some of the sliced strawberries. Top with second cake round right side up. Cover the cake completely with the frosting mentioned below. Finish by using the rest of the sliced strawberries to decorate the cake. 


Second package pudding mix, mix pudding with whipped topping, and chunked strawberries. Add milk as needed only to blend into a nice consistency for frosting. Once all blended, put in fridge to set. Usually sets within 10 minutes or so.

*I have also made this recipe with peaches. I added cinnamon with the peaches. It tasted really good that way as well.

**You may not actually need any milk. It will depend on how juicy the strawberries are. I found out the hard way that frozen strawberries are not a good substitute for fresh with this recipe.

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