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Sleepless in Laguna is set in Kaira Rouda’s Laguna Beach Kindle World.

Kaylee Sharpe has one more radio interview to do before she’ll be able to leave the crazy Hollywood lifestyle behind. Normally such interviews are easy, but this one is with her ex-boyfriend-turned-shock-jock Mateo Salinas. Sexy and persuasive, he seems sincere when he tells her he’s changed. More than anything she wants to believe him, but can someone who makes a living being wild adjust to the calm, quiet world she craves?

Mateo has always regretted what happened between him and Kaylee in college. Back then, he was a first-class jerk, but now he’s different. Unfortunately, Kaylee only sees the insane radio show host, a persona he had created for his audience. To win her back he knows he must reveal the side he keeps hidden from the world, but doing so might cost him the one thing he holds most dear: his radio show.

Sleepless in Laguna is available on Amazon.

Now Available!

Going All the Way (1)

My story takes place in Erin Nicholas‘  fictional Nebraskan town called Sapphire Falls.


In it, the couple from Quick Fix (Ecstasy Spa Series, Book #1) will be visiting the town during the annual festival.

As Annabelle travels with Seth to Sapphire Falls to help her ailing grandmother, she wonders if their relationship will survive the trip. Seth’s depression over leaving the Ecstasy Spa has overwhelmed their relationship and left her exhausted. She wants them to move on, but something keeps holding them back. Deep down she wonders if the man she fell in love with will ever return, or if he has left her for good.

Seth feels like a failure. He has no idea what Annabelle sees in him and wishes he could be the man she needs him to be. The harder he tries to mend their relationship, the worse things become, until something happens in Sapphire Falls that makes him stop being the man he thinks she wants and start acting more like himself.

You might want to read Erin’s series. You can find it on Amazon here. Unfortunately, Kindle World books are only available on Amazon. Never fear, however. The original 7-book series, along with a bonus prequel (coming in June) will be available everywhere!