Warlock Mating Chronicles

This series was born when I wanted to come up with a world that combined my love for the paranormal and menages. This follows an all-male warlock coven and their desire to remain sovereign despite their need to procreate with women in order to maintain their magical powers. Let the chaos ensue!

Lovers of my Kyron Pack series will find a lot of similarities here, but trust me – this series is much kinkier and hotter.

These books can be read in any order, but I understand that many readers like to read series in sequence. Below, I’ve listed the series in the order that they were written.

These stories all contain paranormal romantic menages where the men are also in a romantic relationship (MMF).

Click on each book cover to read more about that particular story.

sr-wmc-bondedblood-full  sr-wmc-bondedintrust  sr-wmc-bondedinhope

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