Kyron Pack Series

This series is about a werewolf pack that is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, called the Kyron Pack. They have become rich off the local humans and developed an empire that draws the attention of a rival pack on the east coast of the United States. Soon a turf war develops, and the Kyron pack leader is captured. The pack members scatter and soon realize that they’ll need help from outside if they wish to overcome the threat to their lands. How these wolves find help — and fall in love — is the focus of these stories.

Although each of these books can be read as stand alone novels, I realize that many fans like to read a series in order. Below, from left to right, I’ve provided the proper reading order if you wanted to start at the beginning of the series.

Some of these stories are menages and may include m/m action.

Click on each book cover to read more about that particular story.

SR-UotH-BK1-Ebook  SR-dtbw-BK2-Ebook  SR-AotS-BK3-Ebook  SR-KyronPack-TC-Ebook