A Little Bit Risky

alittlebitrisky_msr (2)

Ten years ago, Thea Sanders ran away from the only man she had ever loved. Despite their separation, she has never forgotten Ben, or the forbidden kiss that they had shared. Now she’s back in Larona Falls, looking to pick up the pieces of her life. A chance encounter with Ben turns into a night of torrid passion, and now he wants her back. Getting together would reveal why she left ten years ago, and what happened to her while they were apart. The information would ruin his chances in the upcoming mayoral election and possibly drive them part. She tries to keep her secret, but secrets have a way of revealing themselves at the worst possible moments…

Ben Garrison never stopped loving Thea. Seeing her again brought back all of those strong emotions and before he knew it, he gave into temptation and took her to his bed. Now the newspapers have made their relationship front page news, and Ben’s squeaky-clean image is tarnished by Thea’s turbulent past. The only way to save his reputation and win the town election is to push Thea aside. Ben is torn between the woman he never stopped loving and the position he has worked his whole life to achieve. Can he choose between them, or is there some way he can have it all?

Coming soon from Ellora’s Cave.