Book Cover: Whispers

Rose is skeptical when Lady Denville hires her to take care of some ghosts in her townhouse. She expects to find a nest of rats or branches scraping against a window. Instead she finds two sexy spirits intent on fulfilling her every sexual desire. They introduce her to a whole new world of pleasure — and a curse that may destroy them all.

Lionel and Jonathan have been trapped in the townhouse for decades, waiting. When Rose walks in, they know that she is the one with the power to save them. The key to their freedom lies within reach, and both men must put aside their differences if they ever hope to break the curse that binds them to the townhouse. As the men set out to seduce Rose and gain their freedom, their sexual desire turns into something more. Now they must be honest with the woman they love, or stay imprisoned in the spirit world forever.

This book contains a paranormal menage relationship where the men are involved with each other (MMF). It also has moderate kink.


Rose stood at the top of the stairs and listened. The moans were louder now, and she could easily distinguish the two tones.She scanned the area around her, but it was too dark to see much beyond her hands.

She straightened her light green dress, chosen to match her eyes, and poked a wispy blonde curl back into her twist. If Lady Denville indeed had guests up here, then Rose had to make sure to look her best.


She picked up a candle off the nearby end table and lit it. The soft glow illuminated the hallway, which looked as if it hadn’t had a good dusting in ages. Thick velvet curtains had been pulled over the windows, blocking any light. It was so unlike Lady Denville to keep her upstairs closed up like this.

Besides the depressing atmosphere, nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the crimson carpet and dark wood walls. Rose took a deep breath, steeled her jaw, and stepped forward.

The noises filled the air, fanning her desire from a small spark into a large flame. They were smooth and melodic, almost blending with each other. Her body warmed, and she placed her hand to her cheek. Her husband wasn’t overly amorous, and it had been a long time since she had enjoyed the pleasures of the bedroom. The noises spoke to something feminine and primal deep inside her body. It awoke and rushed through her system, leaving her breathless.

The sensations felt…strange. She had not felt anything so strong before, not even with her own husband. What could be making her feel this way, and could it alleviate the ache forming between her legs? She inched forward a step, then two. With each small advance, her desire grew until she found it difficult to concentrate on the matter at hand. She paused as a name echoed off the walls.


Her skin tingled with sexual awareness as the deep, commanding voice rippled through her body. Rose slid her fingers along the low-cut edge of her dress, then dipped them between her breasts. How did it get so warm in here?

And who was Jonathan?

She continued to the very end of the hall. It was darkest here, the heavy curtains in the windows blocking all light. She heard new noises now, like the shifting of furniture. They seemed to be coming from behind the large wooden door. A low glow shone through the cracks as the moans grew louder.

Heat traveled over her skin as she stared at the strange light. A light breeze blew over her skin, just like it had when she was downstairs moments ago. It did nothing to cool her rising temperature or the fluttering in her stomach.

The flame on the candle flickered, then extinguished. She fought back the sudden urge to shed her clothes as confusion filled her mind. She had to know what was behind the door, not just for Lady Denville’s sake, but for her own. Rose needed to find out what was making her feel like some animal in heat.

Rose felt the familiar ache low in her abdomen. She was desperate for something to ease the building pressure between her legs, but nothing suitable was available. She resisted the urge to rip off her clothes and touch herself, for she suspected such an act would do little to alleviate the growing ache. She craved something bigger and stronger to satisfy her. The whole situation felt barbaric and yet thrilling at the same time.

Rose moistened her lips and turned the knob…

Reviews:Sensual Reads wrote:

Suzanne Rock creates a scorching story of the supernatural with lots of hot sex to keep the reader glued to the page.

Stephantois, Whipped Cream Reviews wrote:

Whispers is a fun and sexy read that feels like a naughty wet dream come to life!

Suki, Got Romance wrote:

An amazing story with gripping characters and sex that will knock your socks off.