Velvet Steel

Book Cover: Velvet Steel

Shane and Noah set out to seduce Kitty Velvet into selling them her family's struggling steel company at a deep discount. They plan a weekend of deception and sexual adventure to convince her to give up the business she spent her life keeping afloat. As they begin their passionate getaway, things don't go as planned. Instead of putting their rival out of business, they gain deeper feelings for the feisty blonde--and for each other. With their world upside down, Shane and Noah must now decide if business ambitions are worth losing a chance at something bigger than money, and infinitely more precious than a steel empire.

Kitty has worked hard to keep Velvet Steel afloat, but changing technologies and the growth of their rivals have made the company's continued viability almost impossible. As she embarks on an erotic weekend to de-stress and regroup, she develops feelings for two strangers who turn out to be the very men who have made her life a living hell for the past year. She's furious, naturally. But is saving her family business worth losing a chance at true love?

Note: This is a menage romance where the men also have a romantic relationship (MMF).


All week Kitty had been waiting for this night. A chance to forget all her problems and stress. A chance to have fun like most women her age. At Taboo no questions were asked, and everyone had smiles on their faces. It was an intoxicating alternative to her regimented life. Here, Kitty could shed her good-girl image and let her hair down. What happened at Taboo stayed at Taboo. No one would ever speak of Clint Velvet’s daughter dancing on tables or drinking one too many appletinis. Here, she was safe to be herself.

As Kitty made her way through the crowd, she mentally shook off her guilt and insecurities. It was officially the weekend, and she was going to have fun if it killed her.


When she reached her table, she slapped her purse down and slid into the familiar booth. Tonight wasn’t about feeling sorry for herself. It was about finding an able-bodied male who could make her feel like a queen for an hour or two. Kitty placed her martini order and scanned the crowd.

“Hello there, lass.”

She turned and focused on the auburn-haired Adonis. “Hello.”

“May I have a seat?”

Kitty waved her hand in the air. “Please.” She studied him as he slid next to her. He was large, and Kitty guessed he might have been a football player in a former life. Broad shoulders tapered to a small waist, forming the perfect triangle of a GQ cover model. Green eyes peered at her from beneath a tangle of wavy hair, giving him a youthful appearance despite the hard lines around the eyes and mouth. A small hoop earring hung from his left ear. Kitty found her gaze drawn to it as she considered whether this man could live up to her expectations. There was something rugged and mysterious about him that spoke to Kitty’s libido.

He nodded toward the dance floor. “It’s starting to get crowded out there.”

“This is nothing. Give this place another hour and you won’t be able to walk around.”

“Guess I should stay here, then.” His dimpled smile stirred something in Kitty’s lower abdomen. He was handsome, very handsome. She wondered if he was into one-night stands. He looked like the perfect man to help her forget her troubles.

“Funny, I haven’t seen you around these parts.” And yet there was something vaguely familiar about him. Had she seen him somewhere before? She touched his forearm and was pleased to find it hard and muscular—just as a man’s arm should be. Nice.

The stranger covered her hand with his “I—”

“What do we have here, Shane?” A tall man, much thinner than his friend, slipped into the booth on the other side of Kitty. “Don’t tell me you were going to keep this little one all to yourself.” He smiled as he took her hand and pressed it to her lips. “I’m Noah.” He nodded to the auburn-haired man. “And this is my friend, Shane.”

“Noah.” She turned to Shane’s friend, focusing on his deep green eyes. “And Shane. Nice names.”

“And you are?” Shane slid his hand under the table and placed it on her thigh. Her breath caught as desire sprang from his touch and darted between her legs.

“Kitty.” She shifted in her seat to relieve some of the pressure building in her core. It didn’t help. The movement only pushed Shane’s hand underneath her short skirt. He curled his fingers around the edge of her thigh-high stocking and ran his fingernails over her skin. Kitty flushed under his gaze.

“Kitty.” Shane repeated her name, testing it with his sexy Irish brogue. Kitty found she liked the way it rolled off his tongue. She had always appreciated foreign accents, and this one was no exception.

“Such a lovely name.” Noah’s accent was softer, more cultured. She guessed it had been smoothed out by city living, whereas his friend’s retained its country roughness.

“Thank you.” She wanted to turn and acknowledge Noah but found she couldn’t quite tear herself away from the Irish god before her.

“Well, Ms. Kitty, would you like to dance?” Shane asked.

“Don’t be silly, Shane, of course the lady would like to dance.” Noah stood, blocking her view of the dance floor. “She wouldn’t be here otherwise, would she?”

Kitty agreed. “You want me to dance with both of you?”

“Would you prefer only one of us?” Shane’s eyes twinkled with mischief.

Reviews:Erika P., Amazon wrote:

Kate "Kitty" Velvet, hardworking, shrewd daughter of a Steel Tycoon has spent most nights attempting to save her Father's failing company, instead, decides to go out on the town, where she meets not one but two insanely hot men, Shane and Noah. There's a twist you won't believe, and in entirety is a fiesty, hot M/M/F erotic indulgent treat. Well written and full of intense, can't-look-away menage goodness. A perfect guilty pleasure I finished in one afternoon.

Jessica C., Amazon wrote:

This book takes you places, places you never knew you'd want to go and it's sinfully delicious! How can she say no? Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And boy, I have absolutely no complaints haha

Denise T., Amazon wrote:

5 stars! I couldn't stop reading this book!

When you have nothing to live for but your job, you take what joy you can from the little things. Kitty Velvet just wanted to live it up a little before reality bit her on Monday. Going out for a night on the town was going to just relieve some tension. She got more than she bargained for when she runs into 2 gorgeous guys who make her fantasies come to life.