Unholy Pursuits

Book Cover: Unholy Pursuits

Alysanne tries to remove the dark presence inside an FBI agent’s mind, and embarks on a sexual journey that neither of them will ever forget.

Darien let his guard down once, and Alysanne stole the demon stone out from under his nose. Now he has to get it back, no matter what the cost. It doesn’t matter that the feisty redhead calms the demonic voice in his head, or that her body tempts him beyond reason. Only the stone will ensure his survival. As he tries to seduce it away from her, a connection starts to form between them. Now he must decide whether to save his sanity, or his heart.

The more Darien showers her with kisses, the more Alysanne’s heart softens to his cause. She knows she won’t be able to resist his charm for much longer. Despite the temptation, she knows she must keep the stone safe, because if the demon in his mind claims it, an unholy force would destroy everything she had ever loved—including him.

Note: This book contains a male-female paranormal pairing with moderate kink, including BDSM elements.



Alysanne widened her eyes as the air shimmered around her. No… She lunged forward to attack Darien, but it felt as if she was moving through sand. Her limbs became heavy and her heartbeat slowed. A quick glance behind told her that the same had happened to her companions. The swirling colors of the portal stopped moving and if felt as if time was slowing.

Things aren’t always what they seem.

She swung the sword, a last hail-Mary pass at stopping Darien and his team from going through the portal. The sword glided through the air, the white glow of her magik fading as her movements became slower, slower…

The blade stopped inches from the egotistical bastard’s smug expression. Damn him.


The man in question grinned like a Cheshire cat and touched the smooth part of the blade. “I came across the Gaelic words in my research.” He frowned at the sword. “‘Things aren’t what they seem.’ It’s an interesting phrase, if I do say so myself. When I saw it imprinted on your sword…” He ran his fingers over the script, inching them down toward the hilt—and her hands.
Alysanne tried to move, but couldn’t. The magik laced with his words held her immobile. Darien was smart, she’d give him that, but he was also a fool.

“Bathin will eat you alive,” she said through clenched teeth.

“Oh I don’t think so, my dear.” He slid his hand over her fingers. His touch felt warm and gentle, like a lover’s caress. It made her want to spit in his eye.

She glanced at Cai, who averted his gaze. He knew. Damn it, Cai knew that Darien had stumbled upon the ancient magik. Her sister was going to kill her.

Alysanne’s mission to keep Darien from crossing the portal was going to be a complete and total failure. When would something start going right for her? It seemed like she had failed at everything in her life. Everything.

Reviews:Lynne, Love, Romance and More wrote:

If one enjoys fantasies, magic, and the conflicts between good and evil, then UNHOLY PURSUITS is a definite read.

Nookmom, Bitten by Paranormal wrote:

They discover the magic they release when they have sex may just be the answer to all their problems, even destroying the stone. Why can’t steamy, hot sex be the answer to all my problems?