Unholy Desires

Book Cover: Unholy Desires

Beaten, broken, and on the run, Samir hopes to find some ammunition to help fight the evil forces bleeding into his world. Instead of finding weapons, he discovers the only woman who has ever broken his heart. She asks for his help, and in doing so, reignites their mutual passion. Attraction is different from trust, however, and after all she has put him and his family through, Samir can’t help but wonder if her pleas for help are just another one of her manipulative lies.

Feeling hopeless and alone, Anisa turns to the one person she knows can save her from the mess she has made. She knows she has hurt Samir, but hopes that they can put aside their differences for a common cause. As they start to work together, she tells him her reasons for leaving him at the altar, hoping that the truth can help him trust her again. She knows that she doesn’t deserve his forgiveness, but hopes for it anyway, because with the enemy closing in, it is only through his forgiveness and trust that their lives will be saved.

Note: This book contains a paranormal male-female romantic pairing with moderate kink.


Samir picked up the paper from the counter, and found it wasn’t really a piece of paper at all but a folded cocktail napkin. He opened it and glanced at the words. Buy a girl a drink?

What the hell was this? His first instinct was to dismiss it, but then he glanced at the woman once more. She was hooded so he couldn’t see her face. She sat slouched over her drink, as if studying it. There was something about her that seemed familiar, however. He stared, trying to figure out where he had seen her before. As he took in her dark hair, robe, and gloved hands, the edges of her body seemed to shimmer in and out of focus.

“Did you see that?” he asked Theo.

“See what?”

“She shimmered.”

“Like an apparition?” Theo glanced in her direction. “I didn’t see anything. Perhaps you are just overtired, my friend.”

Perhaps. Or perhaps this woman was more than she seemed. Either way, Samir decided to play along, at least for now.


He frowned and slapped the note onto the counter. “What’s she drinking?”


Samir frowned up at his friend. “Water?”

Theo nodded. “With lemon.”

Samir raised his brows. “Strange.” He grabbed his beer mug and strode over to where the woman was sitting. He knew he looked a mess, and hoped that it wasn’t too off-putting. After being tortured by the deamhans in the Netherworld, he really could use a reminder of why he had fought so hard to remain alive.

As he closed the distance between them, she averted her gaze, hiding her face from him. She was a tall woman, and by the look of her muscles underneath her cloak, strong.

“What are you having?” he asked.

“I was drinking water, but now that you’re here, I’ll have a bourbon, neat. Two fingers with no ice.” She turned toward him, and what Samir saw took his breath away.

“Anisa,” he whispered. “What are you doing here?”

“Quiet, you fool,” she hissed. “Now sit down before you attract more attention. The deamhans are close, and those bastards have eyes everywhere.”