The Great Escape

Book Cover: The Great Escape

Gianni craves attention from his Ecstasy Spa client, the feisty red-head Sienna, and loves how responsive she is to his touch. He longs to make their relationship more permanent, but there’s a catch. His sometimes-lover Marco is home from his business trip overseas, and wants in on the action. The thought of a threesome sends Gianni’s libido into overdrive. Sienna is wild in bed, but is she wild enough to handle them both? What will Sienna think when she learns that Gianni and Marco want to make this threesome last more than just one night?

Note: Book 4 of the Ecstasy Spa series. The story contains a contemporary menage romantic pairing where the men are involved romantically (MMF). It contains also moderate kink, including BDSM elements.


“You’re right. She’s amazing.” Marco stood up from the red, velvet couch and walked across the tiled floor to the one-way glass. “Why didn’t you tell me about her before?”

“I did, but you were on your way to some meeting with the Arabs and didn’t have time to talk.” Gianni ran his finger along the glass, as if tracing her curves.

Marco glanced over at his lover. Gi’s dark locks fell in layers around his angular face, and his broad, muscular shoulders were covered by a white, terrycloth robe that ended just above the knee. An image of a blooming flower and the words ‘Ecstasy Spa’ were embroidered in red and gold across his back. Marco knew that Gi was completely naked under that robe, and the knowledge gave him an enormous hard-on.

Marco cleared his throat and tore his gaze away from Gianni’s rough, muscular legs and up to his face. “How long have you been seeing her?”


Gi looked away from the glass and frowned. “I’d never date someone behind your back, tesoro. You know that.”

“I know, Gi.” Although technically it wouldn’t have been behind Marco’s back, since they were separated at the time, but he didn’t want to dwell on that point.

Marco placed his hand on his lover’s shoulder and felt the ripple of muscle. Desire stirred in his lower abdomen and his cock swelled. It had been a long time since he and Gianni had sex. Hard, passionate, mind-numbing sex. There was just too much baggage between them. Marco had a plan to change all of that, however.

“I’m glad you could find comfort and companionship while I was away, even if it was only with one of your clients.” Marco lowered his hand from Gi’s shoulder as regret washed over him. The temporary separation was a stupid idea. So wasn’t Marco’s suggestion that Gi find comfort with his clients at the Ecstasy Spa. Both were both spoken in the heat of the moment. Many things were said before the business trip to Dubai that were based on emotion, not rational thought. Now he couldn’t take those words back.

Deep down, Marco couldn’t blame Gianni for finding comfort in the arms of another. Gi was the type of man who needed to share his life with someone. He was no good alone.

Neither was Marco.

Marco had to go to the Dubai on business. Gi didn’t want him to get on yet another plane and leave him alone for months on end. Words were exchanged, and things were said that neither one of them were proud of. They had both agreed to use the time as a great escape from their on-again, off-again relationship. They were to reevaluate things and decide what, if anything, they could do to salvage the mess they had made.

Marco had never felt so sick and alone in his life as he did in that empty hotel room in Dubai. It was an enormous relief when, six weeks into the trip, Gianni called him and told him that he felt the same way.

Gi closed his eyes as pain worked its way over his features. “Your idea was for me to find someone for a permanent threesome, not to form attachments to women who may or may not suit our needs.”

“True, but if you discovered that you had certain…affections for this woman, then it would make convincing her that much easier.”

Gianni opened his eyes and turned his back to Marco, but not before Marco caught the wistfulness crossing his features. “It doesn’t matter how I feel about her. It’s against spa policy to date clients.”

“If she agrees, she’ll no longer be your client, but your lover.” Marco turned back to the curvy, auburn-haired beauty and watched her slip a white robe over her nakedness. The markings on the robe matched the ones that Gianni wore. “Our permanent lover,” he whispered.

Marco loved Gi with all of his heart, but something was missing from the relationship. A year ago, he got his lover to admit it too. Since then, they had been on a quest to find a third to satisfy both of their kinky appetites and close the growing gap between them.
When they first started dating they had been so close, but Marco’s hectic business schedule and Gianni’s insecurities and neediness were driving them apart. They had never talked about this growing rift, and Marco had hoped that ignoring it would make it go away.
Then right before he left for Dubai, everything came out into the open, and he could no longer deny the truth. If things continued the way they had been for the past year, he’d lose Gianni, and the thought made his chest ache and his stomach turn.

Hopefully, his instincts were right and a threesome would be what they needed to inject new life into their relationship. A new kink and dynamic would make things fresh. Then, after this deal went through with the Arabs, Marco could take some time off and treat
Gianni the way he deserved to be treated. The auburn-haired woman too, if everything went according to plan.

Silence surrounded both men as they watched the woman move about the room. Gianni had said that her name was Sienna. Marco mouthed the word as if it could somehow brand her to them. A lot was riding on this moment. If this threesome didn’t work out, then Marco was out of options. It would be only be a matter of months before he and Gianni separated again, perhaps for good.

Sienna had long, wavy, auburn-colored hair and pale, ivory skin. Her short, petite frame was soft and round, the complete opposite in physical appearance to his and Gianni’s hard bodies and olive skin. The image of the three of them together flashed through Marco’s mind and made his cock ache.

“I think she enjoys me,” Gi said after a moment.

Marco tore his gaze away from the beautiful redhead and glanced up at his lover. “Really?”

Gianni nodded. “She had an appointment with me right after you left for Dubai— about eight months ago. She has since come back once a week like clockwork and has requested me each and every time. That has got to mean something.” He turned away from the window and focused on Marco. “Doesn’t it?”

“Why didn’t you tell me this on the phone?”

Gianni looked back through the glass at the petite sex goddess. “It didn’t seem important at the time. Lots of clients prefer certain staff members, but that doesn’t mean they want more than sex. I hope that I’m not mistaken about her. If she’s not interested in us…things could get messy. I could lose my position at the spa.”

“I know. It’s worth the risk though, don’t you think? It’s not as if you are doing this for the money.”

Gi stared out the window in silence. Seconds passed and Marco shifted his stance as a feeling of unease made its way through him. “We are still looking for a permanent threesome, aren’t we?”

“Yes, it’s just…” Gianni sighed as he ran his fingers down the length of the window. “It’s been so damn lonely without you, tesoro.” Some indefinable emotion crossed over his features. “I’ve begun to feel a certain…affection toward her.”

“You told me on the phone you lusted after her.”

“No, it’s more than lust. We connected on a different level. I haven’t felt this close to someone since…”

Gi’s voice trailed off and fear clenched Marco’s gut. “What are you saying? That you want to end our relationship?”

“No.” Gi turned to face him. “No, of course not. I’d never leave you.”

Marco let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Then what’s the problem?”

Gi hesitated a moment before responding. “It’s just that… if she doesn’t agree, if the idea of the three of us together repulses her… I’m not sure if I could take it.”

Marco forced himself to smile. “We’ll just have to do our best to convince her then, won’t we?”

Gianni chuckled. “Yes.”

Marco ran a hand over his face as guilt weighed on his body like cement bricks. “Look, Gi, I know you’ve been lonely. I’m sorry I didn’t stay in touch like I should have. Things had gotten crazy. The Arab investors were up my ass morning, noon and night.”

Gianni shrugged. “We agreed on the trial separation.”

“That was a stupid idea.”

Gianni continued to stare out the one-way window in silence. “It’s not the same without you, tesoro,” he said after a long moment. “Even with Sienna, it’s…it’s just different.”

Marco grabbed Gi’s elbow and turned him away from the window. “Things are going to change. I promise.” He wrapped his arms around
Gianni’s hips and pulled him close. “This is my dream, Gi. I have to make this company work.”

“I know.”

“Do you? Have you ever had so much passion for something that it consumed you every waking hour of the day? Have you ever craved something so much that it was hard to think of anything else?”

Gianni brushed a stray lock of hair from Marco’s temple. “Yes, of course,” he whispered. Hunger flashed through his gaze as it shifted to Marco’s mouth.

Hope filled Marco’s chest as his cock swelled. Gi still cared about him. There was still a connection. Maybe things would work out. Maybe he could have it all.

Marco tugged his lover closer and rubbed his aching erection against Gi’s thickening shaft. “Running a company is hard, damn hard. I’ve finally grown large enough to hire more staff, and I’ve passed off a lot of work to others, so soon my traveling will be limited.” He reached around and spread his hands out over Gianni’s ass. Fuck, he missed this man. Why was life so complicated?

Gi dragged his gaze up and locked it with Marco’s. “You’ve been telling me that for months.”

“This time I mean it.” Marco cupped Gianni’s cheek. “After this deal goes through, I’ll still need to go to Dubai on occasion, but most of my time will be spent here with you.” Marco nodded toward the window. “And her, if we can convince her to give us a try.”

Gianni’s warm smiled caused a stirring in Marco’s lower abdomen. “Hopefully Sienna’s our girl.”

Reviews:Karry, Goodreads wrote:

This was more of a continuation from book one, and stars the best friend Sienna. Crazy hot M,M,F action was in abundance for such a short story. This was my favorite in the series so far!

Tracie R., Goodreads wrote:

I really enjoyed reading The Great Escape. The story oh so sexy and keep you reading until the very end.