Stolen by the Sheik

Book Cover: Stolen by the Sheik

Fast-talking career woman Olivia Bremer is at the peak of her profession. Employed by one of the country’s most influential magazines, she spends her days dining with celebs and taking her pick of free products from designers and cosmetic companies. Every woman’s dream job, basically. So what if it’s a little lonely at the top. Success often comes at a price, right?

Nayef “Nayo” Darzi is used to getting his way. The wealthy prince can have any beauty he wants—until danger throws him together with a stubborn American, perhaps the first woman unaffected by his alpha tendencies. Tattooed and contentious women aren’t his thing—normally. But there’s something about Olivia and her sexy curves that makes Nayo want to take a big bit. If he can keep her out of trouble long enough…


As ridiculous as it sounded, Liv felt as if she was in the middle of her favorite television show. In season three of Cops after Dark, a dark, handsome villain had taken the hero’s girlfriend hostage. During the time she was a hostage, she had fallen in love with her captor, who had treated her very well. When the hero finally freed her, she dumped him and worked hard to free her new love.


Liv had always secretly wished that she was that girl. She didn’t have a boyfriend, but the thought of being captured and taken to some remote place, forced to do her captor’s bidding, made her panties damp. She figured it must be because deep down, she wanted a man’s man. An alpha. A man who would take without asking, but give her everything she needed in return. This was why she had all but given up on dating. She had grown tired of dating men who expected her to take charge; they were weak and couldn’t give her what she wanted. She wondered if Nayo would take her to some remote place and have his way with her. If he did, how would she react?

After a quick glance down at his tight, firm ass, she knew exactly how she’d react. Just imagining those hips between her thighs was causing a flutter in her lower abdomen.

“Why are you in such a rush? We lost them.”

“It’s only a matter of time before they find us again. In here.”

“Where are you taking me?” She looked up at the sign. It read “Annie’s Thrift Shop.”

“We need some new clothes. Now act natural.” They made their way through the brightly colored racks of clothes. “What size are you?” he whispered.

“That’s a rather rude question, don’t you think?”

He frowned and grabbed something off the rack. “Here, try this on.”

“There’s no changing rooms.”

“In the back.” He grabbed something for himself. “Come with me.”

The changing room was a single unisex room with a locked door. Along one wall was a mirror and underneath the mirror was a counter. Hooks lined the second wall for clothes and a ratty brown couch sat up next to the wall of the third.

He guided her inside and shut the door behind them. “Take off your clothes.”

“What?” She crossed her arms over her chest as she thought about her favorite episode.

“You heard me, take off your clothes.” He removed the scarf around his arm, then took off his suit jacket and shirt.

“How is your wound?” she asked, trying to take her mind off the fact that this gorgeous man was stripping in front of her.

“The bleeding is stopped, see?” He showed her his large bicep and ran his finger over the line there. “It’s fine, just like I told you.”

“Good.” She swallowed hard as she took in the ripple of muscle over his arm and shoulder. The man must have worked out, and it was a damn shame that all of that sexiness had been covered up by a suit.

“Now strip. We don’t have much time.” He continued to take off his clothes, tossing his shoes, socks, and dress pants onto the floor.

“Well?” he asked.

The man stood there in front of her, this proud Arabian Sheikh, wearing nothing but his designer boxers. They were the fitted kind, coming just below the butt and leaving nothing to the imagination.

Reviews:Theresa, Amazon wrote:

This story is intriguing and sexy with Sheik Nayo and Olivia (liv) meeting each other in the most unfortunate time or best time maybe. The end up leaning on each other during time of need and you wonder if the will be able to be together. Suzanne Rock and Lauren Hawkeye have written a wonderful story that keeps you not wanting to put the book down.

Judy C., Amazon wrote:

I'm a fan of the Black Towers Series and I must say I didn't expect such a difficult subject to be the topic for book two. It worked. This is a book that covers so many different facets of what our new reality has become. Liv is rushing off to work like most do when she spills her drink , sees her boss who yells at her, and them meets a sexy man. Then all hell breaks out when someone yells Bomb. It's a story about trust, misconceptions, and betrayal. Can feelings survive between two very different people/worlds? Can they trust each other when that fragile trust has been tested so many times. Nayo has seen first hand how he will always be under suspicion. This a very hard topic to cover and the authors did a wonderful job doing so.

GDS, Amazon wrote:

This is a very sexy story about Olivia Bremer and Sheikh Nayo. It has an underlying theme of what perception can do to us humans that drives this story. Liv and Nayo are in a heap of trouble, through no fault of their own, and their story has intrigue, suspense, very sexy times, love and betrayal. That’s a lotta story! Great read, lots of heart, and it had a sadness for me that showcases how we humans sometimes get it wrong. Recommend this read!