Sleepless in Laguna

Book Cover: Sleepless in Laguna
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Kaylee Sharpe has one more radio interview to do before she’ll be able to leave the crazy Hollywood lifestyle behind. Normally such interviews are easy, but this one is with her ex-boyfriend-turned-shock-jock Mateo Salinas. Sexy and persuasive, he seems sincere when he tells her he’s changed. More than anything she wants to believe him, but can someone who makes a living being wild adjust to the calm, quiet world she craves?

Mateo has always regretted what happened between him and Kaylee in college. Back then, he was a first-class jerk, but now he’s different. Unfortunately, Kaylee only sees the insane radio show host, a persona he had created for his audience. To win her back he knows he must reveal the side he keeps hidden from the world, but doing so might cost him the one thing he holds most dear: his radio show.

Note: This story is a contemporary romance with mild kink in a male-female romantic pairing.

Reviews:MF, Amazon wrote:

I loved how sizzling this story was. The pages really heated up! Kaylee and Matt are good together and it was nice to see how they could work out their relationship. A perfect beach read filled with lust and love.

Judy C., Amazon wrote:

I have to admit that I'm new to the Laguna beach series because I don't have Kindle unlimited. I'm really starting to get very interested in joining because most of my favorite series seem to be spinning off into the kindle world. This is a great summer read! It circles around Kaylee and Mataeo. They were collage sweethearts until she learns everything was bet and Kaylee does what she does best and runs. She is then on a radio tour after her Web show when she runs right into her ex. Kylee character comes from the Black Tower series by Suzanne Rock & Lauren Hawkeye. This made the book a double whammy since I felt a tie to the heroine. It was a push and pull between the two of them as they try to work through their past and future.

IrishDaisyLovesRomance, Amazon wrote:

This book was a pretty HOT read and the story line was really easy to follow, it is a short read but well worth it. Turns out True Love can Conquer All. Another excellent read by Suzanne Rock