Secret Games

Book Cover: Secret Games

Event planner Zoe Burkhart’s biggest event—the upcoming celebrity wedding of the year—is going to kill her. Nothing is ready—including the chapel. So she heads to the local bar and ends up venting her frustrations to a handsome stranger. The more they talk, the sexier he becomes, and it isn’t long before her Screaming Orgasm cocktail turns into the real thing. But in the morning, she learns that it’s his construction company that’s put her job on the line.

Playboy turned construction boss, Tate Carrington, is going crazy trying to please the diva bride-to-be. But he’s sure attracted to wedding planner. One night with her isn’t nearly enough. When she offers him a sexy deal—one he knows will land her back in his bed—he believes it’s a win-win situation.

That is, until he starts wanting more than just her body. Now he wants her heart, and everyone knows that whatever Tate Carrington wants, he gets...


This was crazy. Zoe had never done anything so impulsive before in her life. The demands of her job and caring for her mother had overwhelmed her, for too long. Now this man, with his handsome sea-green eyes and rough, calloused hands, was tempting her to lighten up and have an adventure. The more time she spent with him, the more reckless she wanted to be. Sex with him was going to be incredible, she just knew it.

And nothing was going to stop that from happening, not if she had any say in the matter.

“Boost me up,” she said when they reached the window of the first hut.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me—give me a boost.”

The sexy stranger did as she asked, which only made her want him more. As she rose in the air, she grasped the sill of the window and breathed a sigh of relief. It was open. Thank Heaven for small miracles.


It didn’t take her long to shimmy into the hut. When she hit the floor, she took a minute to catch her breath, then looked around. Their luck was holding out. There were no suitcases, toothbrushes, or smartphones. A small basket sat on the far side of the room, filled with a champagne bottle, two glasses, and…”

“Condom flowers.” Zoe couldn’t help but laugh. She had found out how to make them on the internet, and had suggested that they leave them in the honeymoon suites as part of a welcome package for newlyweds staying at the resort. She and her boss, Carrie, had argued over them for months until Carrie finally saw what they looked like.

“How cute!” she had said.

How cute, indeed. Guests had loved them, and over the past year, they had become one of the resort’s signature gifts. Plucking one of the flowers from the package, Zoe put down her purse and undid the ties around the stem. “Bingo.” She flicked the condom with her fingers.

“Are you okay up there?” Mr. Sexy asked from down below.

“Found it!” Zoe leaned back out the window and waved the condom in the air. “Come around to the door. I’ll let you inside.”

She was waiting for him when he got there. Grabbing his hand, she pulled him inside the hut and closed the door behind him.

“Should I—” Before he could finish the sentence, she kissed him. Now that she had found the condom, she didn’t want to talk. She wanted to have fun.

Reviews:Laurie B., Goodreads wrote:

This is a romance that everyone wishes for at least once. The emotions that Zoe has to deal with have taken over her life, she needs to find a way to disappear from herself for a little while and she just might have found the answer in a total stranger; Tate. The chemistry created between these two is steamy, romantic, and fun.

Bridget S., Goodreads wrote:

Zoe and Tate, heat, secrets and passion. This entire book is all three of these things continuously. It never stops from beginning to end. They may come from different places, but have a lot more in common then they realize.

Anita B., Goodreads wrote:

Will Zoe and Tate pull off the Big Wedding so Zoey doesn't lose her job? Will Tate and Zoey go their separate ways when his job is done? You will need to read to find out. Don't miss this steamy, sexy and fun romance.