Pursued by the Player

Book Cover: Pursued by the Player

Ridiculously attractive, superstar athlete, bad boy, rich as sin: Jett Gorski is the Prince Charming every woman dreams of. He can’t remember the last time he’d ever had to chase a woman himself, and it just figures that the one who catches his eye is the one who runs, leaving behind nothing but a sparkly pink shoe.

Melody Lerner is working toward a big promotion, and she doesn’t have time for men, not even Jett Gorski, the superstar of the local baseball team. Too bad his rock solid muscles and the dark ink on his chest make her want to slide right back into those sparkly shoes…. And right out of everything else.

One massive misunderstanding has the clock on their affair ticking dangerously close to midnight. Can Melody prove to Jett that the steamy connection between them is more than just make-believe?


Holy shit. Jett pushed aside a gawking pedestrian and fell by the lovely woman’s side. “Are you okay?”

“Hey, that’s Jett Gorski!” someone yelled. “Not the Jett Gorski? Of the Los Angeles Lions? Man, you threw a shutout game last week. It was beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Jett said absently as he sat cross-legged and cradled the woman in his lap. He slid his fingers through her hair and tried to ignore how soft and silky the strands felt as he inched around her skull and looked for bumps.

“Can I get your autograph?”

“Later. Did someone call an ambulance?” He looked up into the small group of spectators surrounding them. “She needs help.”

“Oh, yeah.”

A woman pulled out her phone. “Can I just get a picture of you first?”


“Can’t it wait?” Frustrated, Jett curled his fingers into the sides of the injured woman’s head, causing her to groan. She probably would slap him for touching her so intimately, be he had to make sure that she was all right. He was the reason why she ran out into traffic in the first place. He might be an asshole, but he wasn’t heartless.

“I called it in,” said someone from the crowd.

“Thank you.” Jett pushed his anger aside. His agent, Gloria, was constantly telling him to reign in his temper. He always had to smile in public, despite how crappy he felt. It was good for business. “Did someone get the license plate of that car?” Jett asked. The crowd mumbled and flashed guilty looks at each other.

“It all happened so fast,” someone said. “The woman came out of nowhere.”

Jett let out a long breath and returned his attention to the chocolate-haired beauty on the ground. “I know.” Apparently, she was good at that – coming out of nowhere. She had caught him completely off guard when her sweet, floral scent filled the elevator and permeated his senses, drawing his attention from his phone to her… She wasn’t classically beautiful. Her nose was slightly hooked, her eyes a bit too wide. She was tall, taller than most girls he knew, with creamy skin softer than his down comforter back home. A bit too big to be in the fashion magazines, but the extra weight was in all of the right places. She looked as if she could take the wild, rough bedroom games he loved to play and dish it back to him in spades.