Mind and Body

Book Cover: Mind and Body

Celeste gets a lot of satisfaction seeing others have their sexual fantasies fulfilled at her spa. Unfortunately, her own sex life has been non-existent. Theo, her boyfriend and co-owner, has been ignoring her for the temporary contractor building a new addition to the spa. As Celeste watches the two men interact, she wonders if there’s something deeper between them than friendship, and decides to arrange an erotic interlude for all three of them to find out.

Note:  This book contains a paranormal menage relationship where the men are involved with each other (MMF). It also has moderate kink.


Celeste’s cue began, a steady drumbeat that would guide her hips throughout the song. She cleared her head and smiled warmly at Theo and Micah. Both men had stretched out on the pillows and were obviously aroused by the sight before them. Micah’s jaw hardened and Theo flashed her a sly, knowing grin. Both men had erections that begged for her touch. How she wanted to run her fingers over their skin, to taste them with her tongue.

Not yet. She had to get through the dance first. Celeste swung her arms over her head and shook her hips to the music. The low, rhythmic beat of the drum hummed through the air as she danced around the pole. One, two, three… She slid her hands over her body, caressing herself in the way that she hoped to be touched. Micah seemed mesmerized on the scene before him. His eyes darkened and his cock thickened.


Celeste felt beautiful and powerful, all rolled into one. She locked his gaze as she wrapped her leg around the pole. With a swift, smooth push, she spun herself around, showcasing her flexibility.

She had both men’s attention now. She could see Theo’s cock swell as he watched her. She twirled around the pole again, this time arching her back and thrusting her breasts up in the air. When she was done, she slid her body up and down the pole, letting the cool metal slide against her torso.

The men leaned forward, their gazes intent. Celeste licked her lips as the men watched. She wanted this, wanted them. She imagined herself on her back and Micah entering her. Slowly Theo would come up from behind and she and Theo would sandwich the object of their obsession in a cocoon of lust.

Need gripped Celeste hard as she reached up for the first scarf. She turned her back to the men and swished her hips in time to the music.

She felt the men’s intense gazes on her body, caressing her skin. She unhooked her scarf and sent it to the floor. She sent a second scarf after the first, until both her breasts were exposed to the cool air.

She ran her hands up and down her sides suggestively. With the exception of the music, the room was quiet. Pleasure blossomed out from her chest as she toyed suggestively with her nipples. One of the men—she wasn’t sure which one—groaned. She noticed the men’s cocks swell, and Micah reached down to alleviate some of his ache. She turned to Theo, who nodded and covered Micah’s hand with his own. Celeste continued to dance, confident that Theo would help bring Micah’s desire to new levels without letting him come.

When Theo was ready, he’d give her the signal they had talked about, and then she would be able to approach them. She picked up her dance where she left off and hoped that Theo would hurry. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take without succumbing to her own basic needs…

Reviews:Anita B., Amazon wrote:

5 stars! You will enjoy this story. Suzanne Rock knows how to bring it.

Cassie, Amazon wrote:

Celeste and Theo are co-owners of a spa that focuses on satisfying the sexual fantasies of it's clients. Unfortunately, the two seem to be having some issues in their own sex life. So when Celeste recognizes the attraction she and Theo are both having towards the contractor they hired, she sets out to make things happen. Micah is confused about what he wants out of life, a woman or a man. The two decide to bring Micah into their relationship to bring back some fun and kink. Agreeing to a one time only, physical evening doesn't end up how they planned. Will this evening be the end of their working relationship with Micah? Or will the three of them realize they all want more from each other? Read it to find out...

Chsmsa, Amazon wrote:

I'm always up for a good menage read! This was a good, short and steamy read! I would definitely recommend if your "up" for a good time!