Immortal Hungers: The Complete Series

Book Cover: Immortal Hungers: The Complete Series
Part of the Immortal Hungers series:

Three sexy paranormal stories, now in one complete boxed set!

Unholy Pursuits: When Alysanne tries to remove the dark presence inside a sexy FBI agent’s mind, they embark on a sensual journey that neither of them will ever forget.

Unholy Cravings: Tara feels a strong connection with the handsome men in her care. She wants to heal the evil taint on both their souls, but can only offer peace to one, dooming the other to a life of torment. Who should she choose to save?

Unholy Desires: Anisa knows she has hurt Samir, but hopes that they can put aside their differences for a common cause. She knows that she doesn’t deserve his forgiveness, but hopes for it anyway, because with the enemy closing in, it is only through his forgiveness and trust that their lives will be saved.

Note: This boxed set contains paranormal male-female romantic pairing with moderate kink, including BDSM elements, and a menage romantic pairing where the men are NOT involved in a romantic relationship (MFM).