Going All the Way

Book Cover: Going All the Way

From NYT and USA Today Best Selling author of the Ecstasy Spa series comes a story about how a small Nebraskan town reminds a couple on the verge of breakup why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

As Annabelle travels with Seth to Sapphire Falls to help her ailing grandmother, she wonders if their relationship will survive the trip. Seth’s depression over leaving the Ecstasy Spa has overwhelmed their relationship and left her exhausted. She wants them to move on, but something keeps holding them back. Deep down she wonders if the man she fell in love with will ever return, or if he has left her for good.

Seth feels like a failure. He has no idea what Annabelle sees in him and wishes he could be the man she needs him to be. The harder he tries to mend their relationship, the worse things become, until something happens in Sapphire Falls that makes him stop being the man he thinks she wants and start acting more like himself.



Reviews:Amazon Review wrote:

Seth and Anna are a couple, but they are still new to each other. A trip to Sapphire Falls to visit Anna's ailing grandma comes at a time they are struggling with life's bumps. Living in Chicago they are use to big city life. Anna remembers growing up in Sapphire Falls as filled with embarrassment and pain. Seth grew up in foster care in Chicago, he has no concept of friendly strangers. But Lucie Richards, Anna's grandma has called for help and here they are. Anna and Seth do care for each other, but life's stresses are telling on them. He's currently unemployed and her vet clinic is failing. He's changed up his life for her, and she wants him to change more. He can't see himself in a small town, she's starting to notice things aren't as bad as she remembers. As they start to enjoy Sapphire Falls, they start seeing reality instead of expectations and assumptions. And mostly they begin to see each other, and what each really means to the other. Lovely story, well written, it inspires insight into what is really important to a successful relationship: trust, honesty and love.

Duckey, Amazon wrote:

Read anything Sapphire Falls! Great storylines, realistic characters and a city I would love to live in for its closeness, simplicity, and wholesomeness. You cannot read these stories and not feel good! Get them all, I have and look for more.

Erin H., Amazon wrote:

Soo wonderful!!!!!!!! Sometimes life brings you problems but with the right person by your side you can get through anything together that's what happened with anna and seth.