Caught on Camera

Book Cover: Caught on Camera

Forgotten starlet Georgia Evans is finally back in the spotlight—when a naked romp with her ex goes viral. Not the kind of publicity she was hoping for, particularly when it brings up memories she’d rather forget. And catches the attention of someone unexpected…

Despite having his pick of projects, heartthrob Cole Anderson stuns Hollywood by turning down a new blockbuster in favor of a web serial, of all things. But only if Georgia gets the female lead. She needs the money; he needs a chance to apologize…and maybe get reacquainted with the one who got away.

But life in the limelight often reveals things best kept hidden, and Georgia has a secret that may force her to choose between the career she’s trying to rebuild—and the man she’s learning to love all over again.


Her phone vibrated once more, and Georgia made a frustrated noise as she pulled it out of her pocket. She prepared to swipe it through to voicemail again, pausing when she realized that this time her agent had texted rather than calling. Curious, Georgia set down her container yet again and swiped the screen to look at the text.

This went viral about an hour ago. You might want to take a look.

Fingers suddenly numb, Georgia clicked on the link, her phone immediately taking her to a video. Immediately a chorus of sexy moans blasted out of her phone and she scrambled to turn the volume down.

Onscreen, a woman she knew all too well was getting well and truly fucked by a man that still made Georgia’s blood pound. The couple cavorted across the screen, heating up the sheets in a suite at what was unmistakably the Rue Luxe in Paris. Lying in plain view on the bedside table was a butterfly vibrator and a few other kinky-looking toys.


This was one of the videos that she and Cole had shot together years ago—a tape that caught every dirty detail of one of their most intimate moments.

“Shit.” How had this gotten out? The only person who would have had access to it was… Cole.

She should have been long past being able to be hurt by him, but the realization shredded what was left of her heart.

Georgia quickly shoved her phone back into her pocket—she needed to get the hell out of here. But when she looked up she realized that she’d somehow become the center of a very large crowd. A man in a tie and Whole Foods uniform was frantically trying to organize the herd.

“That's not me.” Panic clawed at her throat. And it wasn’t pure denial—that wasn’t her. Not the woman she was now, anyway.

“Sure looks like you.” It was the asshole who’d given her his card, smirking right at the front of the crowd who’d assembled, cell phones out, filming away.

“Hey, Georgia!” Something flashed off to her right. Whirling instinctively, Georgia found a vaguely familiar tabloid reporter grinning back at her. His shutter clicked rapidly as she stared at him like a deer in headlights, frozen in place with adrenaline.

This was too much. She needed to get the hell out of here.

“Get out of my way!” Shoving past the reporter, who just laughed, Georgia pulled out her phone and started texting her agent as she ran for the parking lot. The crowd followed, shouting questions and taking photos as Georgia shut herself in her car and quickly locked the doors.

For a moment she sat there, her breath rasping in and out as she took in the fact that even her car was completely surrounded. What was she going to do? She’d never been in this kind of situation before.

It was surreal to think that just ten minutes ago she’d nonchalantly strolled into a grocery store to pick up some lunch. She did this at least three times a week, and she was rarely bothered.

But this—even back when she’d been at the height of her fame, the circus surrounding her hadn’t been like this. This—these people were vultures, out to catch their own fifteen minutes by stomping all over hers.

For one teetering moment she felt her throat burn and her eyes gloss over. She was completely overwhelmed.

Reviews:Anita B., Amazon wrote:

Wow! I absolutely fell in love with this story. It was sweet and heartfelt with likable characters that had a wonderful sizzling connection. I was able to get a good feel for the story right away and liked both Cole and Georgia immediately. I liked the push and pull they had on each other, it made for some sizzling chemistry. This a second chance romance for these two and there was a wonderful build to their relationship and I loved where this story went and how it all came together. It's definitely a wonderful story! Sweet, loving and oh so sexy and Hot! I loved this so much I wasn't ready for it to end. I can't wait for more from these two authors.

Gilda, Amazon wrote:

Two of my favorite writers get together & sparks just fly. Georgia is a has been actress looking for work. She is young, gorgeous, in recovery for over two years and desperate for work. Cole is the guy she left behind. He is a superstar playboy with a girl on each arm. He has never gotten over her. She, avoids him like the plague. A blockbuster new concept feature comes up and he signs first. He wants her as his leading lady. No spoilers here. You MUST read this book!! The sex is out of this world. The feelings powerful and rocking the world deep.

Nessa, Amazon wrote:

What would you do if the one person you never wanted to let go suddenly came back into your life? For these two main characters, that get brought back together after several years of being apart, and we get to be there for all the ups and downs as they decide if they want their HEA together. Both of them have their demons to fight, but you won't want to miss their story!