Bonded in Blood

Book Cover: Bonded in Blood
Part of the Warlock Mating Chronicles series:

Cyrah Harris has denied her pagan heritage and tried to live a normal life, but visions of two sexy strangers refuse to leave her alone. She senses trouble in their auras, and knows she must try to insert herself into their lives to stop it. Her strong attraction is difficult to control, however, and one miscalculation leaves her captured by a powerful Coven and tied to a Master Warlock’s bed. When Roman Maddock recognizes Cyrah as his destined mate, he makes every effort to keep her close. He lusts after the sexy witch, but can’t deny his attraction for his personal guard, Sam Roberts. His emotions are torn, and Roman is unable to bind himself to either of them. Then he learns that Sam and Cyrah feel the same. Cyrah has an idea of how all three of them can become mates, but doing so would involve extremely kinky sex, denying ancient warlock tradition, and putting all of their lives in grave danger.

Note: Erotic Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, witches, bondage, blood play, HEA

Reviews:Jean, Amazon wrote:

Cyrah Harris is a witch. Roman Maddock is a powerful warlock and her destined mate. He is also attracted to his guard Sam Roberts. For all of them to become mates he will have to deny warlock tradition and put all of their lives in danger. Can love overcome evil? Suzanne says "Yes!"