Around on the Strip

Book Cover: Around on the Strip

Lydia loved Josh with all of her heart, until he cast her aside. For five years she has tried to move on with her life, but not even a new lover can fully heal the damage caused by the Kyron Pack leader. When Lydia’s situation within her werewolf pack becomes dangerous, she swallows her pride and goes to her former lover for help. Hurt is replaced with passion and what starts out as a plea for help quickly turns into something more. As her relationship with Josh heats up, she discovers a connection between him and her current lover that neither is willing to discuss. The sexual tension between them is palpable and only eclipsed by their mutual attraction for her. She wishes to uncover their secrets, but doing so might put all of their lives in danger. Can she fully trust them without knowing the truth? She must if she wishes to have something bigger than pack loyalties, and deeper than any of them could ever imagine.

This book contains a paranormal menage romantic pairing where the men share a romantic relationship (MMF).


“I wanted to do things my own way,” she said.

“You always did.” Josh ran his fingers through his hair, his soft touch turning her limbs to water. “It’s the thing I find the most frustrating about you—and the one thing that I loved the most.”


“Love. I still do. You follow all of society’s rules, and yet there is this fire underneath. This…” He cupped her cheek in his palm. “This passion. You used to show it to me when we were together.” He inched his head closer, until their lips were only inches apart. “I wonder if you will show it to me now.”


Was that a hint of vulnerability in his voice? Lydia’s thoughts blurred as he pressed his lips against hers. The soft tingle of sensation swept through her body and turned her limbs to water. Josh was a hard and unyielding pack leader, but there was something soft and sensual about him, too. He was showing that side of him now as he gently probed the edge of her mouth. There was something else there, too. His kisses were questioning, hesitant. It was almost as if he was preparing himself for her rejection.

Rejection? She didn’t have the strength. Need rose up from deep inside her core and moisture slid between her thighs. A deep, primal craving swelled up through her body and threatened to swallow her whole.

With a sigh, Lydia parted her lips. Josh tilted his head, taking advantage of what she offered. He swept his tongue inside her mouth, his minty taste filling her senses. Guilt constricted Lydia’s chest as she thought of Fen, but then she realized that Josh needed this to combat the moon-rage. Having sex would put him in control of his senses. She could do this for him, she could let him use her body to work through her emotions. If she gave into temptation just this once, she’d give him the power he needed to stay sane long enough to help her.

There were other reasons why they both needed this, but Lydia didn’t want to dwell on them. Instead, she relaxed and molded herself to his body.

As if sensing her acceptance, Josh deepened the kiss, igniting her passion. She kissed him back, running her tongue along his and darting in and out of his mouth. The kiss became more possessive, more hungry. Lydia’s mark tingled against her neck. Josh brushed his fingers over it, and her body responded.

She slid her legs out to either side of him. He fell along her torso, and pressed his abdomen up against her mound. Need so strong, so powerful, rose up that she couldn’t control it. Her wolf howled with longing. She wrapped her legs around his torso and threaded her fingers through his hair.

Something in the air changed. It became hot and damp, like a rainforest on the equator. Sparks of energy shot out around them, and everything became more intense, more desperate. Lydia felt his urgency deep down in her bones. Her body responded until she too, became desperate with need.

Emotion rose up and pumped through her veins as her inner wolf charged to the forefront of her mind. Reasoning quickly slipped away, giving way to her more basic impulses.

She needed this man inside her, desperately.

“Fuck me,” she whispered against his mouth. “Fuck me now.”