Book Cover: Aromatherapy

When Ian shows up at the Ecstasy Spa to take his new girlfriend out for her birthday, he learns that she has been selling more than massages to pay her rent. At first he’s enraged, then he’s intrigued. What does she do with those men and little bottles of scented oils? Would she do the same for him? Could he convince her to do those things for him exclusively?

Note: Book 2 of the Ecstasy Spa series. This is a male-female romantic pairing with mild kink.


Ian reached over her shoulder and grabbed the scented soap from the basket. He lathered up his hands, and another blast of that fresh, flowery scent filled the air. He framed her face in his hand, and waited for her to open her eyes.

“I want you to keep your eyes open, Lily. I don’t want you to ever forget that it is me that you’re with—not one of your clients.”

She covered his hands with her own. “Ian—”

“And no talking.” He leaned in close until his face hovered within inches of hers. “Don’t say a word.” He pressed his lips against hers and forced himself to be gentle. This was about showing Lily how much she meant to him as much as it was about marking her for his own.

She parted her lips and invited him further. He took advantage, sweeping his tongue inside of her mouth and drowning in her fresh, clean taste. He wanted her, all of her. He wanted to be her world. When she kissed him he wanted her to think of no one else.


He tilted his head and pressed closer. Her pebbled nipples rubbed against his chest, creating erotic little circles on his flesh. His skin burned and his cock pressed against her lower abdomen. What he wouldn’t give to be inside her body right now, to feel her soft, wet channel caress his cock as he drove himself home.

It took a Herculean effort to tear his mouth away from hers, but he wanted to do this right. He didn’t want any other man’s scent on her skin. Only his.

He ran his hands over her neck and shoulders, slowly working his way down her body and covering every inch of skin. He ran circles over her arms and back, and then dragged his fingers around to her chest. He cupped her, testing the weight of her full, ripe breasts in his hands.

“Amazing,” he whispered.

She groaned in response. His touch was affecting her. Hell, it was affecting him, too. With each passing second, he found it more and more difficult to hold back.

He ran his palms over her nipples, teasing and stroking them until they strained and reached for his hands. He loved how responsive she was to his touch. So beautiful. He slid his fingers down her torso, rubbing her belly and hips, stimulating every nerve, every inch of skin.

He crouched before her and placed his mouth inches away from her breasts. How he wanted to taste them, to suck and nibble on those erect nipples. They were soapy however, so he refrained. Soon.

He focused on the task at hand, running the flowery scented soap along her thighs.

“Open for me.” His voice sounded needy and desperate, but he didn’t care. She widened her stance, and that was all that mattered. Her feminine fragrance drifted up and tickled his nose. The smell was so sweet, so intoxicating, that he almost lost his restraint right then and there.

He ran his hands up and down her thighs and savored the feel of her smooth skin beneath his fingers. Desire surged through his body, making it difficult to maintain control.

Water beat down on her body, and his soapy hands moved over her with ease. He was determined to see this through, even if it killed him. He wasn’t only washing away her last client, but he was washing away every man she had ever slept with. After tonight they’d start over. No more fucking strangers. There would be only him.

Yes, he decided. This was the future he wanted, and what Ian wanted, he got. It had been that way with his career and his passion for fitness. It would be the same for her.

She was his, only his. He just had to make her aware of that fact.

“Lift your leg.” Ian grabbed her knee and brought it up over his shoulder. She was tempting, very tempting. He slid his soapy fingers over her leg and spread apart her folds…

Reviews:Book Lovin Mamas, Amazon wrote:

I honestly can say I am now officially addicted to Suzanne Rock's books. This is my 2nd book from her and I really enjoy the steaminess of the books she writes. There short, but they definitely quench the erotic thirst. =)

Franjessca, Goodreads wrote:

This was another amazing erotic short read from Suzanne Rock and I definitely cannot wait to dive in the rest of the books now after reading the first two.
If you want to read about a Ecstasy Spa that indulges in your fantasies than definitely check out these books from Suzanne Rock.

Book Monster Reviews, Nook wrote:

Aromatherapy is another short tantalizing addition to the Ecstasy Spa series that will have you question 'what would you do?'

Ian knows Lily is a masseuse however when he goes to surprise her at work for her birthday he will be confronted with the reality behind what Lily does. Can Ian and Lily be who the other needs or will Ian discovery destroy any future they may have had.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next Ecstasy Spa installment.