And One Makes Three

Book Cover: And One Makes Three

When Gabe catches his girlfriend, Becca, checking out the local lifeguard, he sees an opportunity to live out his deepest, darkest fantasy. He confronts the handsome stranger and they form an instant, carnal connection. Now Gabe must convince Becca that their troubled relationship needs sexual healing that only the sexy lifeguard, Lane, can provide.

Becca feels compatible with Gabe in every way but one. She has tried to overlook the bland sex, but her heart—and her body—keep wishing for more. A threesome with Gabe and Lane is just what she needs to add some excitement in the bedroom, but a one-night stand will never be enough. Convincing them to make their threesome permanent will take some finesse, especially when Lane’s past comes back to haunt them and destroy the fragile bond they share.


Damn Hannah and her hot Irish exchange students. Becca had never even considered a threesome before Hannah. Then her friend had managed to snag two eligible bachelors for herself. Becca had watched how the men doted over her and showered her with affection and trinkets. She had begun to want the same thing for herself.

She shook her head in frustration as she stopped in front of the green sedan. Why couldn’t Gabe be enough? He was kind and thoughtful. They had a lot in common and he was attentive during sex. What more could a girl want?

She thought back to Lane’s wild and earthy scent. A man who spent most of his time outside was probably adventurous. She wondered if he brought that sense of risk to the bedroom. While Gabe was considerate, he was also safe and boring. Becca needed some excitement in her life.

She was too young to be stuck in a rut. Gabe was too serious, too boring.


Still, she should have talked to him about the situation, not gone off and flirted with some other guy. God, she had really made a mess of things. She dropped her belongings by the car and waited for Gabe to catch up and pop the trunk.

In a few seconds, Gabe caught up, tossed his bags to the ground beside hers. “Becca, we need to talk about this.”

“I want to go home, Gabe.” She needed to think things through. Flirting with Lane had made her realize just how jealous she was of Hannah’s relationship. She wanted that for herself. Gabe, on the other hand, didn’t seem interested. When he saw her and Lane together, he got angry, not turned on. She was going to have to face the fact that a threesome with Gabe was never going to happen.

So what should she choose? Should she stay with Gabe who was safe and comfortable, or dump him and follow her fantasy? Becca didn’t know. She honestly didn’t know.

She needed time to think about things, and she couldn’t do that with Gabe studying and criticizing her every move.

She crossed her arms and shifted her stance. “Come on, Gabe, open the door. I want to go back.”

He frowned as he pulled out his car remote and unlocked the sedan. She started to get in the passenger seat, but he placed his hand on her elbow, stopping her.

“What?” she asked.

He stared at her for a long moment, then opened the back door. “Get in.”

She frowned. “But that’s the back.”

“Damn straight.” He moved his chin toward the car. “Get in.”

She wrinkled her brow. What the hell has gotten into him? “I’ve always ridden in the passenger seat.”

“Well, today you’re not.”

What an ass. “Fine.” Whatever he wanted, just as long as he took her home.


She moved to get into the car, but Gabe wouldn’t let go of her elbow.

“What?” she finally asked.

He narrowed his gaze at her. “I’m tired of you jerking me around, Becca.”

“I’m not jerking you around.”

He pressed his lips together, as if holding back a surge of emotion.

“Just tell me why you did it.”

“Did what?”

“Kiss Lane.”

“I didn’t kiss him.”

“If I didn’t show up, you would have.”

Becca saw the frustration in his features and knew that she had to tell him the truth. Unfortunately, she wasn’t exactly sure what the truth was anymore.

She shrugged. “I don’t know why.”

He tightened his grip. “No, you do know. Tell me. Am I not enough for you?”

“No, it’s not that.”

A vein ticked in his jaw. “Then what?”

He was getting angrier by the minute. She had to give him some explanation, but what? “I guess…I guess I did it because he was exciting.”

“And good-looking.” He tightened his grip.

“Yes,” she said the word before she realized what she was saying.

“Gabe, I didn’t mean—”

“No, you’re right. Lane is handsome and exciting. I’m not.”

“No, that’s not what—”

Gabe jerked her against the door frame of the car, cutting off her words. “I can be, though.” He leaned against her chest, pinning her between the hot metal and his long, lean frame.

It took her a few seconds to find her voice. “Can be what?”

“Exciting.” He shifted his gaze to her mouth. “When I’m done with you, you won’t even remember the name of that lifeguard.”

Tingles rippled up Becca’s spine. “Through with me?” She winced at the crack in her voice.

“Oh yes.” He leaned in close until his lips were inches away from hers. “I’ve got a lot planned for you, sweetheart.”

“You do?” She blinked as his words sunk into her brain. What the hell was he talking about, and who was this new Gabe? She kind of liked him.

He let go of her body and stepped back, leaving her dizzy and breathless.

“Get in the car, Becca.”

She opened her mouth to speak then shut it again. She stared at his intense expression and knew that he was in no mood to argue. Silently, she climbed into the back seat of the car and waited. Gabe slammed the door and loaded their things into the back of the sedan.

They had parked in the quiet end of the parking lot, far away from the other cars. A nearby tree had provided shade, so the inside wasn’t as stuffy and hot as it could have been on a hot summer day. Curiosity wound its way through her core as she watched Gabe close the back.

He took slow, measured steps as he made his way around to the driver’s side of the car. Instead of getting into the front, he opened the back door and climbed inside.

“What are you doing back here?” she asked as he closed the door.

He turned in his seat and faced her. “I’m going to make you forget that lifeguard and every other man you flirted with in my presence. By the time we leave this car, the only name you’ll remember is mine.”